How We Work


Our Giving Table has built the infrastructure, contacts, and connections to identify and feed as many kids facing food insecurity as our ways and means make possible.

OGT works with the Oregon DHS, local schools, and parent-teacher organizations to identify needs. We partner with a network of wholesalers, suppliers, and local farms to source fresh fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meats, and whole grains. Our dedicated volunteers prepare meals under the supervision of professional nutritionists and chefs then deliver them to DHS offices and elementary schools.

Other volunteers tutor kids and mentor them and their families about good eating habits and healthy behaviors. We stage an annual fun- and fund-raiser, “All Kids Have Talent,” that works wonders for building self-esteem, kids supporting kids.

With the generosity of our donors and volunteers, we are constantly working on expanding our coverage and reaching more kids.


OGT focuses on sourcing the kinds of healthful meals we would feed our own families. We maintain high standards for our food-packing environments, and consult with volunteer food nutritionists. We currently prepare as many as 2000 meals a week and could easily expand to many times that number.


We always welcome volunteers to help distribute meals to schools and DHS offices. Our delivery team ranges from high schoolers to senior citizens – and all find that the rewards are every bit as great as the need.


From food packing to mentoring to helping organize events, there are many ways you help us end childhood hunger in Oregon. Please use this form to indicate how you can help – or call and lets talk!